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What are the possibilities and conditions for creating an empathic relationship with an object?




Élisabeth Pacherie defines empathy as the “ability to put yourself in someone else’s place through feelings and thoughts, in order to understand what the other person is feeling” (L’empathie et ses degrés (Empathy and its degrees), 2004).

Cyclops brings our most intimate feelings to life, by exploring the unique filial relationship that can exist between two individuals.

Mechanical robot arms, each equipped with a small camera, flap around gently in the light. Their movements interrelate. In their own way, they are communicating with each other.

Suddenly, a visitor enters the room. The robot arms seize up as if in fright. The visitor moves closer. Very slowly, the Cyclops move backwards, fearful. Overcome by its curiosity, the larger Cyclops begins hesitantly to follow the visitor’s movements wit hits eyes...

After a few minutes the visitor moves away, and our two protagonists resume their dialogue right where they left off. Their sweeping movements now execute an harmonious choreography.

For a few seconds, time seems to be suspended.