2015 - Depth sensor, computer, projector

Empreintes takes snapshots of our movements and questions their remnants. Is that possible to make our gestures tangible? How can an imprint of a gesture exist?

Through the tracking of their hands in motion, visitors create shapes in space. These marks evolve and warp as time goes by. 
A project by: Béatrice Lartigue - Lab212
Development: Sébastien Courvoisier

Co-production: LUX Valence, MuDA Zurich
Millwork: Roméo Gillis, Pierric Verger 
Music: Olivier Girardot

09.03 > 12.03.2017
Mirage Festival, (Im)matérialités — Musée des Beaux Arts, Lyon
27.08 > 26.02.2017
Lab212 — Museum of Digital Arts, Zurich
21.05 > 21.05.2016
Nuit Européenne des Musées, BAM — Place Métropole, Chambéry
01.12 > 30.01.2016
Paysages Actifs — LUX Scène Nationale, Valence